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"The University and Friends of Telugu Initiative at UC Berkeley thank you for your generosity. Please continue to support until the Initiative becomes self-sustaining. This is the most up-to-date list we have. If you notice any omissions or any errors (including spelling errors in your name), kindly inform us and we will correct them."


Phase I Goal: $350,000 ( Done)

Achievements: The university agreed to hire a temporary Telugu instructor and began offering Introduction to Telugu

Phase 1 Donors

Phase II Goal: $1.5 M.

Expected Achievements: The Univesrity will make the Telugu instructor position permanent and offer Introduction to Telugu and Intermediate Telugu.  Now it will also be possible to support some of the follwoing activities: (a) creation of on-line Telugu lessons for those who wish to learn Telugu as second language, (b) creation of scholarships to support Telugu scholars visiting UC Berkeley, (d)  creation of scholarships to support  UC Berkeley students to visit AP for immersion learning of Telugu.

Phase 2 Donors

Phase III Goal: $5M.

Expected Achievements: The Univesrity will create a Center for Telugu Studies, hire a tenure track faculty person to lead a research and instructional program in Telugu language and culture.



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Phase1 Goal: 350,000 USD
Phase2 Goal:1 million USD
Total Achieved:377,000 USD
Total Goal:5 million